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Genetic Direction Test Kits

Genetic Testing has moved into the mainstream and is the future of preventive health. In addition to the thousands of tests being offered for medical conditions and diseases, the science and research behind genetic testing related to lifestyle and wellness markers has progressed to the point of understanding the specific genes dictating how the human body processes carbohydrates, fat, protein, micro-nutrients, etc., and how specific genes determine the effectiveness of certain fitness activities.


1.  How do I order supplements?

Ordering  nutritional supplements can be accomplished in one of two ways, either in the office, or if you prefer they can be directly shipped to your home via the following links below.

Full Script Natual Dispensary

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

or order from the direct companies below

Pure Encapsulations



probiotics to order use authorization code V10

Nordic Naturals (Use the information below to login and order)

Clinic: Austin Wellness Chiropractic Center
Patient Self-Sign-Up Code: 114970

2. Does Dr. Katie Greeley look at blood work?

Yes, Dr. Greeley wants to see your most current labs and if needed she is well trained to order additional labs for you and your children.

3. Does Dr. Katie Greeley send out for food sensitivity labs and other metabolic labs or DNA Testing?

Yes, Dr. Greeley uses various labs that will look at gut dysfunction, neurotransmitter and oxidative stress, as well as tell you what foods you are sensitive to or check your genetic DNA.

4. Does Dr. Greeley hold any certifications for Nutrition?

Yes, Learning the best way to navigate the complexities of medicine and find solutions for patient’s troubles is a never-ending pursuit of mine.  I am proud to announce that I have just successfully completed a training program that has challenged me to better understand the tools available to address health through the evaluation of nervous system function.

After completing this program from NeuroScience, Inc., I have been awarded Neuro Certification.  This means that I have successfully mastered the tools and approaches to comprehensively and effectively treat many of the most common, yet complex health concerns through innovative nervous system assessment and unique treatments.

This has already started benefiting some of my patients, by providing new and very efficient approaches to health concerns – saving my patients both time and money.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss your health concerns and the options available to you.

To learn more about the specifics of NEI Certification, visit:

Commonly used Supplements Information Handouts: 

  • D-hist   (Great for symptoms of cedar, dander, and other allergens.)

Comes in chewables for kids as well as pill form for adults.

Beauty Counter (safer skin care and cosmetics for the entire family)

 For more information on nutritional needs for you or your children do not hesitate to contact the office at 512-524-7669.